Condo market of Ottawa is at its boom with new development at every corner. Purchasing a condo in Ottawa is the best option for the working people who are looking forward to buying their first property and for those who are want to downsize from the family home. However, if you are unaware about how to prepare yourself for buying a condo then here is the full guide to help you out.

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What is condos north York?

The condo is the short form for condominium; it is a private residence which is owned by a family or individual homeowner in a building or community with different units or townhouses. They are commonly part of a high rise building.  These are also detached condos available today. The thing which is common in all condos is that they share common areas like garage, yards, rec room, swimming pool, tennis court, etc. owners need not maintain these areas themselves.

Who should buy condos north York?

Boomers as well as seniors-

Seniors, baby boomers, 55+ as well as snowbirds are best buyers considered for condos. Healthy adults whose children have left their nest are also adopting the adult lifestyle condos.  If seniors wish to avoid retirement homes and want senior-friendly designs than condos are the best options for them.  Senior oriented communities offer a great balance between socializing as well as independence, however many communities also hold features such as hair salons, grocery stores, as well as weekly social events on their site.

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Snowbirds also love condos as they can lock the door as well as head to the south for 6 months with no worries about the maintenance. Condos are an affordable investment as compared to single-detached home.

Condos North York- for whom it didn’t work well

People purchasing high rise condos and then expecting to flip it-

Although the Ottawa market is safer however flipping a condo is not a piece of cake. The three-year flip that builders, as well as salespeople market with investors, may work in few cases but what will happen when everyone tries to do the same?

Here are some things to be considered with new builds-

The perceived value of new condo build will be higher from the perspective of a builder than the CMHC (Canadian mortgage and housing corporations). This means you may not get the level of financing as you wanted.

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Condos fees jump dramatically in 2-3 years after it is built. Builders can be optimistic about the cost of maintenance as well as management get surprised when they know what they have to pay day to day; they thus, increase the condo fees and apply a special assessment to the owner.

So we see that buying condos north York is complicated nowadays. You need to weigh different factors, understand your needs, and then you can buy them. Most importantly it is necessary that you understand the market for condos both ins and outs and then buy them to get benefited. Go, understand and know about the condos market in Ottawa and buy a condo for yourself.