For buying a protected safe, one must first consult with his insurance agent on this agenda. He will help you select a safe that can reduce the cost of your insurance such as the tl 15 safe. It is high-cost insurance that results in additional expense. In this context, we emphasise to help you choose the best safe that can protect burglary at its best. Although there is nothing like a 100% burglary-proof safe, the safe that takes a longer time to get broken is referred to as genuinely best. Such safes do not easily catch the attention of thieves and in case they get attacked by burglars, the time the safe will take to get broken will surely put the thieves in an unsafe condition.

Widen your perspective about safes and security measures understanding the below-listed terminologies. It will help you make a quick but safe decision while buying a 15 safe

Safe Terminology

Let us begin our search on safes with the sorts of safes one can buy.

  • Fire Safes – An inner and an outer shell moulded with thin steel sheets make a fire safe that is filled with an insulating material to keep the temperature below a fixed point for a certain period of time which is generally one to two hours.
  • Burglary Safes – Burglary safes are made of solid steel plate. They can also be formed with a combination of solid steel and concrete. The level of protection divides burglary safe into several categories out of which the most common are-
  • B-Rate Safe- It is just like a box with a lock with no ratings provided as no tests are given by it. While buying such lock look for lock work, relocks and hard plates.
  • C-Rate Safe- It is a thick steel box of 0.5 inches having a thick door of one inch and a lock on it. In virtue of rating, it is the same as the previous one.
  • L. TL 15 Safe – All the standardised tests defined in UL standard 686 are passed by this sort of safe. This 1-inch solid steel constructed safe has a net working time of 15 minutes using common hand tools, drills, punches hammer and pressure applying devices. By net working time, we mean the time spent in trying to break into a safe when tried to break with certain advanced tools. The clock of the safe stops when the tool comes off. One can enter the safe through 50 different attacks.
  • L. TL-30 Safe- Similar to TL-15, TL-30 has passed plenty of tests with a net working time of 30 minutes. Also, it has a number of tools for entrance.

 tl 15 safes

Callisto UL TL-15 Steel-Plated Safe

INKAS® Callisto series safes are most secure. Before deciding upon a safe, you must search for Callisto series safes as they are the toughest TL-15 safes with a thick steel body. Use of prybars, drills, hammers, cutting wheels, saws and other burglary attacks can be easily prevented with such sort of safe.